Adler breed of chickens

Adler breed of chickens

Adler breed of chickens

One of the most popular breeds among poultry farmers is Adlerskaya. It is known as Adler silver breed refers to the meat-egg category, which is especially appreciated by farmers.

The breed was bred in the city of Krasnodar Territory. The selection process was rather complicated and lasted from 1951 to 1965. The desired result was achieved by crossing five breeds of chickens. As a result of the first stage of crossing, hybrids were obtained, which had a high level of egg production, as well as endurance. The purpose of the next stage was the development of meat properties. The resulting birds mated together. The most successful individuals were selected for further breeding and pairing with white Pimutrock roosters, and at the final stage with roosters of the Yurlovian voiced breed.

External characteristics

Adler breed of chickens

The feathering of the Adler silver chickens is light in color and only the rounded feathers of the tail and wings are black. The Adler chickens are massive enough in the body, they have an elongated trunk, broad-spinning. The back is straight, almost parallel to the ground. Adlers are full-bodied. Despite the wide head, in general, it is small in size. Small lobes of ears are painted red. The beak is hooked, curved, yellowish in color. A small leaf-like comb has five protrusions evenly spaced along the entire length. The eyes have a bright, rich brown color. The neck does not differ in length.

Legs of medium length, strong, yellow in color. The tail has a rounded shape, the central feathers are arcuate. Professionals in the field of poultry farming have such a tail feature considered a disadvantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Adler breed

Adler chickens can be kept for 4 years, which in no way affects the productivity of life and product quality. Chickens start producing eggs after 6 months.

Care for the Adler breed of chickens is simple enough, since these birds are unpretentious in conditions of habitation and stern. Due to their resistance to different climatic conditions, chickens are quite popular in the territory of the post-Soviet countries. Birds do not experience stress from changes in habitat conditions and therefore quickly adapt to the new environment. The bird is quite resistant to disease.

The character of Adler chickens is gentle, non-aggressive, there are moments of fearfulness.

The rather complex selection process negatively affected the formation of the instinct of incubation, which is a disadvantage of this breed.

Cultivation of chickens of the Adler breed

Since the maternity instinct of chickens is not sufficiently formed, poultry farmers should acquire an incubator. It should be noted the high fertility of eggs (up to 95%). Birds of the Adler breed are characterized by survivability and resistance to external factors.

An amazing fact is the organization of cocks. They even teach the chickens to ride in the same place and make sure that all the hens ate.

Adlers require a variety of diets: vegetables, grains, minerals and vitamin complexes, protein supplements. To cover the chickens suitable cover, the moisture content of which is not more than 25%. Chickens Adler require attention from the owners, because this depends on the state of birds.

The breeding of chickens is quite profitable, because Adler is a breed that is highly productive in terms of meat and eggs.

The average weight of the bird is about 3-4 kg. Yaytsenoskost for the year is 170-180 pieces.

The egg mass is about 60 g.

This breed can be used to remove broilers. For high efficiency, you should cross Adler chickens with white Cornish roosters. Chicks from such a pair reach 70 pounds for 70 days.

Adler breed of chickens