Acacia honey

Acacia honey

Honey of white and yellow acacia of the southern regions of the country is famous for its surprisingly pleasant taste and fragrant spring aroma. It is the most refined taste of all available varieties of honey. Medicinal natural its indicators are most valuable, as it can be consumed even by people suffering from diabetes and prone to allergies.

That’s why acacia honey is recognized worldwide as a very effective health product and is the leader in consumption. The bees collect honey in May – June. From one hectare of thickets of acacia, they bring more than 300 – 500kg of honey.

Acacia honey

Features of honey from acacia flowers

He gives a wonderful, fragrant spring sun, a fragrance and gentle, without bitterness, taste.

Honey that is collected on white inflorescences, freshly surprisingly transparent, and in a crystallized state forms a white, homogeneous mass, similar to thick sour cream. The fresh honey of the yellow acacia has a light greenish transparent shade. When stored, it acquires a consistency of fresh white fat.

Fluidity and fluidity of acacia honey can last for a year or more. Due to the small crystallization, the mass of honey is uniform and has a special taste of tenderness.

The nutritional value of acacia honey is due to the high fructose index – 40, 4%, as well as glucose – 36%, which are an excellent source of energy. It is very sweet, fructose acacia honey is sweeter than glucose two and a half times. Honey contains more than 400 elements, useful for humans: enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytoncides. Has a fragrant melting taste.

Therapeutic effect of acacia honey

He has wide application, first of all, in dietary nutrition.

Acacia honey is often called baby honey, because it contains many natural vitamins A, B, C, affecting growth, the development of the body, in addition, honey helps to cope with the enuresis of young children.

Excellent digestibility of it positively affects the diseased organs with violations of functions of all parts of the gastrointestinal tract, heals ulcerative wounds on the mucous membrane. There is evidence that honey with acacia flowers does not cause allergies.

Honey regulates blood pressure and restores heart tone – muscle and vascular. Improves the composition of blood cells and increases hemoglobin.

The honey solution heals cataracts, relieves swelling and purulent inflammation of the eyes.

Antiseptic properties of honey help to cope with skin inflammatory processes: eczema, neurodermatitis with ulceration and ulcers. The healing power of acacia honey kills pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

It helps in the treatment of respiratory organs, its use is useful during a rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis. Honey softens the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, kills pathogens.

A soft soothing effect of honey is due to nervous overwork, stress, and insomnia. He restores immunity after a serious loss of health in diseases of the liver, kidneys and for this has been called the natural antibiotic.

Honey is very useful for the elderly, it regulates acidity and postpones the old age. The thing is that honey always contains pollen, which can prolong youth.

Honey ensures the intake of positive energy in the body due to the presence in it of a group of vitamin “B”, responsible for the health of the nervous system, organic acids, phytohormones and enzymes. It is recommended to take it for pregnant women for the normal development of a healthy child. How to choose acacia honey

In order not to buy fake honey, which is obtained by feeding bees with sugar, it is important to know several rules:

The smell of acacia honey is weak floral, hardly perceptible, while the sugar product is sharp.

Fresh honey can be stirred with a spoon, if there are bubbles, fermentation takes place, honey is fake.

The best insurance against falsification is the purchase of honey from a friend of the beekeeper.

Acacia honey

Acacia honey