A variety of apples “Gloucester”

A variety of apples “Gloucester”

A variety of apples Gloucester

When the first frosts start outside the windows, there is a tree that does not bother with cold – it’s the apple tree of Gloucester. The fruits of this tree ripen by October, and full ripening comes in January

This sort of apples appeared in the last century in Germany by crossing two species – Richard Delicious and Glockenapfel. He immediately won people’s love of productivity and resistance to frost

Description of apples Gloucester Apple tree begins to bear fruit from the fourth year of life. It is tolerant to frost, it can bloom even at -200C. The tree has a strong trunk and a thick hat of branches. The tree gives fruits every year, in 10 years from one apple tree it is possible to collect up to 75 kg of apples

Gloucester apples are large, average weight 100-150 g, ribbed. The shape of the fruit is roundish, the color is yellowish with pink divorces. Pulp of dense structure, juicy. The taste of apples is sweet and sour. This variety can be stored for 2-4 months. The sphere of application is the use of fresh, but it is possible to prepare juice or compote. Apple fruit transport easily

Features of growing apples Gloucester To apple-tree Gloster fruited, it needs care. First of all, you need to trim, which will make apples large and juicy. This will help protect the tree from fungal diseases, because in this way the humidity inside the apple tree is regulated

To get a harvest of apples Gloucester, the tree needs pollinators. Currently, there are no varieties that bear fruit on their own. Therefore, do not put only one type of apple. In order for pollination to occur, one must choose those varieties that bloom and mature at the same time. If you plant summer and winter trees nearby, then the trees will not bear fruit. Apple trees can be located at a distance of 1 km from each other. To pollinate the apple-tree Gloucester, Jonathan or Idared

The trunks of the tree must be whitened, this will protect the plant from excessive sunlight, since white color is an excellent reflector and prevents the apple from overheating

Apple Gloucester also needs watering and feeding. The tree should be watered in the evening so that moisture does not evaporate. Top dressing can be carried out in two ways-rooting or spraying the leaves. The root method involves replenishing the apple tree with humus. One tree requires about 3-4 buckets of fertilizer. Sprinkling of leaves is an additional kind of top dressing of an apple-tree. It is also effective, since the leaves are able to absorb useful substances.

A variety of apples “Gloucester”