Turnips: growing and grooming

The most suitable ground for turnip is considered to be light earth – peat bogs, loam, sandy loam. Before planting the soil should be fertilized, and if the acidity is increased, then […]

Variety of onion “Sturon”

When breeding onions, breeders set the task of obtaining not only high yields, but also resistance to low temperatures. Harmoniously combines these two indices of onions “Sturon”. This variety was bred specifically […]

How to keep geese in winter?

Poultry farming has always been a good activity, which not only was a source of income, but also a profitable provision of food for the family. Breeding poultry involves a number of […]

Selection of geese for the tribe

Experienced poultry farmers use their own poultry for breeding. This is an effective process that brings great profits. They are engaged in breeding geese on private plots. The area determines the spaciousness […]

Silver Pheasants

In Indochina and southern China, there are more than 10 subspecies of silver pheasant. Silver prefers to choose for its habitat forests, thickets of bamboo and shrubs. Since the XVI century, silver […]

Large gray geese

A large gray breed of geese was obtained by crossing the Roma and Toulouse rocks with the subsequent selection of the best specimens with a large live weight and high egg production. […]

Potato variety “Adretta”

In Russia, potatoes have long been considered the second bread. Therefore, in the kitchen gardens and suburban areas there is always a place for this vegetable. Potatoes belong to the genus Solanaceae, […]

Milking goats

For the production of goat’s milk in large quantities, dairy breeds of goats were specially bred. They give milk more and the lactation period for such breeds is longer than that of […]

Quail in the apartment

In Japan, where for the first time domesticated wild common quail, there is a belief that a cell with quail, located in the apartment brings health, well-being and prosperity to the family. […]

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